Moving On


I have thought about writing this blog post countless times over the past few months and I am glad to say I finally can. I QUIT MY JOB! After months of going back and forth, weighing the pro’s and cons and debating whether or not it was the right choice, I bit the bullet and just did it.

What I Learned

  • You should not hate 5/7ths of your week, nevermind 5/7ths of your life. There is a difference between not overly enjoying the job you do and absolutely hating it to the point that it impacts your life. Finding a job you love day in and day out does not always happen, but that does not mean you should hate your life because of where you work.
  • People often don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. This was the case for me and it was clear that my boss was not worth working for. And while my work was not great either, it was the people I was working with and the end goal of the company that kept me for so long. Unfortunately, ultimately it was my boss who finally made me leave.
  • The role you play in the company should add value back and benefit the overall organization. If you do not have a purpose for being there, you probably should not be. The job I was hired on for and the role that I ended up filling were two very different things (and don’t get me wrong change and evolution of roles is great but not always in all cases). The last few months of my job saw me doing nothing to benefit the company (all appointed to me by my boss as a “time filler” for me) and more often then not I felt that my salary was taking away from helping the actual people who needed it. Ultimately I was left feeling guilty, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and like my work and job was worthless.
  • Bad jobs should not impact your life, if they do there is likely a problem. Towards the end, my job began impacting my personal life. I noticed more and more that I was losing parts my optimistic cheery self, coming home angry and consistently stressed out. I began having anxiety and honestly was not a delight to be around. It was a wakeup call for me that no job is worth this and the time had come to make a plan to get out.
  • There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough. For me, the looming thought of quitting seemed so much like just giving up. I already felt like I had failed or given up in other areas of my life and I wanted to prove if anything to myself that I could overcome it. However, I realized (more so after I finally quit than before) that there is a huge difference and that I wasn’t quitting as I was much more so leaving. I had given this company everything, my hard work, my time and even my heart (figuratively of course). I threw everything into it and because of that, the decision to leave was not easy (giving up is easy). It ate away at me for some time and finally I knew that I had had enough, there was nothing more I could do because I had done and tried everything; it was time for me to leave, nothing I was going to do would ever change my boss or the job.


I do not regret the job or staying for the length that I did, nor do I regret leaving when I did (I was worried this would come to be a regret of mine). It taught me so much about myself, my limits and also about what is and is not okay in a job. It also helped me discover more deeply where my passions lie.

I am not advocating by any means that up and leaving your job is the best decision for everyone, there are many considerations that come into play. Even for me, while the finality of it was like ripping off a band-aid, I did put a ton of thought into the decision. I do, though, think that there is something to be said about not killing yourself mentally for a job. Sometimes realizing you’ve given it your all, have had enough and that your life is no longer benefitting from the work, should be a sign that a change may be needed.

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23 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. This is so true. Especially the bit about bad bosses. I quit my previous place of employment because of a highly abusive boss. The emotional toll it took on me was huge and it took me more than 6 months to become a confident employee in my current place of employment. Oftentimes, despite having the very best of benefits at work, a bad boss can completely ruin your entire experience. At the end of the day, no job is worth that mental and emotional stress.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is so sad that we must take on such a toll like that because of others inability to lead. I am glad to hear you can now again be confident about your work! Thank you for joining the conversation here!

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