Sunshine Blogger Award


I have seen this award floating around for some time and I feel very lucky and blessed to have been thought of by The Britchy One. It is always amazing when the blogging community recognizes others for their contributions back. So thank you very much to this lovely lady for thinking of me in her nominations and sharing my blog with their followers.

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Fall Hiking

Copy of DSC_0146-1

There is something peaceful about being out in nature with just the fresh air and your hiking companion. Being from Calgary, I am so blessed to have the mountains at my backdoor and it has created an obsession with these rocks that I hope never goes away. Nothing like massive trees and and jagged peaks to remind you just how small you are on this big earth we call home.

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Growing in a Time of Stasis

I am no expert in Psychology, nor have I done any extensive amount of studying or research in the area. But as a human being, I think it is fair to say that we are constantly growing and changing (at least in my experience that has been the cycle of my life so far).

So what happens when we are forced into what feels like a stationary time or have found ourselves in a place of dissatisfaction? This is something I have recently been faced with in my life and has been a centre point in the lives of many around me. After some much needed self reflection, thinking and a few pints of beer I believe I have come up with the solution (at least as it pertains to my life).

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Coffee Break



Happy Tuesday! Here are a collection of links to break up the day:

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New Beginnings?

How Cool I’ve Become

Oh Hello, and welcome to the revamp of my tiny little corner of the internet. This blog has laid dormant for some years now as I completed my education and left behind remnants of a past self. However I have once again found myself drawn back into this world that I created some 8 years ago.

This newer version however will be more me and less trying to be something or categorize myself. It will be an expression of my experience growing up and moving into new phases in my life. Sharing the random little things and experiences that I love in this crazy world with whoever wants to listen (i.e my mom). I will be leaving my time as a professional student behind & finally learning to grow up (or as my generation has coined it: Adulting).


So I welcome you to follow along as I mess up, grow up and find out that being an adult isn’t half bad (because 24 is never too late right?).

This is my foundation for growing up.