Sunshine Blogger Award


I have seen this award floating around for some time and I feel very lucky and blessed to have been thought of by The Britchy One. It is always amazing when the blogging community recognizes others for their contributions back. So thank you very much to this lovely lady for thinking of me in her nominations and sharing my blog with their followers.

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Let’s Talk


We all know the stories about the mighty warrior who sets off to battle the deadliest beast in the land. This warrior is brave, heroic and strong, but the duel they are to face will test them in ways they never thought imaginable. They encounter challenges, adversities, suffering, and sorrow along the way, all leading up to the greatest fight of their life. We all know these stories and we all know how they end, the warrior triumphs over the beast and come away victorious.

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Weekend Trio

Happy Belated Monday (otherwise known as Tuesday)!

This past weekend I was able to take a quick break from the city and spend a day surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which trust me does not get much better. For me what makes the long, cold, snowy winters so bearable in Calgary is the chance to get away with something so beautiful & majestic. I often times say that I wonder what it would be like to see them for the first time as an adult and truly be breath-taken by their site, as I no longer remember my first encounter with them.

Wishing everyone a fabulous fall week, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Readers.


Snowy Fall Walks


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